img-16Pasadena is located in the Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Pasadena consists of the Lake Shore, Riviera Beach, and the town. The town is governed by Anne Arundel County. Pasadena is known to be the 45th largest community in Maryland.

Pasadena has a mixed workforce. Both white collar and blue collar employees are working here in harmony. It is a town of office workers, managers, sales professionals, and more. Many people here work in management occupations. Interestingly, a high percentage of people here work in the field of math and computers.

It is a historical place with beautiful ocean and tidal bodies of water. It is an ethnically diverse town. People of various racial and ethnic groups live here. The maximum percentage of Pasadena residents are White. Their ancestors came from England, Germany Italy, and Poland. English is the primary language here, though some speak Spanish.

Many people choose to visit Pasadena for its history, culture and beautiful water bodies. If you are fond of history and natural beauty, then visit Pasadena for your next holiday.