6 historical landmarks of Maryland that you shouldn’t miss visiting

There are lots of historical places to visit in Maryland. The city had huge contribution during the Civil War. If you love to learn about the history of Maryland and the country, you should visit the following landmarks.

1. Washington Monument State Park, Boonsboro

This rustic stone tower was made in 1827. It was built in the honor of the memory of George Washington. The monument was built in one day by 500 workers. It was15 feet high initially and lies on top of a 54-foot circular base. Later, the workers came back a couple of months later to finish the work. Now the monument we see is 30 feet high.


2. Fort McHenry, Baltimore

This spot played a significant role in the war of 1812. It defended an attack by the British Navy. During the War of 1812, a storm flag was flown over Fort McHenry during the bombardment. It was then replaced with a larger garrison flag which signaled American victory over the British in the Battle of Baltimore.


3. Antietam National Battlefield, Sharpsburg

During the battle of Antietam, about 23,000 soldiers were killed. This park includes a Dunker Church, Burnside Bridge, and bloody lane. It is one of the deadliest one-day attacks in the history of America.


4. Casselman Bridge, Grantsville

This stone bridge was part of the National Road from 1813 to 1933. It now stands as a tribute to the early history of transportation in Maryland. This place is popular among fly fishermen, history enthusiasts, and photographers. In 1813, it was the longest single-span stone arch bridge in the U.S. the bridge served as a vital link on the National Road from 1813 to 1933. The bridge is now open to pedestrians only.


5. Fort Frederick, Big Pool

During the French and Indian War, this place acted as the frontier defense. It has artillery firings. There are 18th-century markets that will take you back in time. The stone wall and the two barracks were restored. Historical exhibits are held in the Fort and Barracks. Programs such as artillery firings, junior ranger, etc. are held every year. There are campsites, fishing and boating areas. There are lovely hiking trails and picnicking grounds.


6. United States Naval Academy, Annapolis

It was established in 1845. It is National Registered Landmark and trains the country’s finest naval officers. This Academy prepares young men and women to become professional officers who will serve in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.


These historical places have a story to tell. If you are a history enthusiast, you must visit these places. You will travel back to time and relive those moments.